On April 22nd enthusiasts of quantitative methods will be able to test their skills in our online competition.

The competition is dedicated to undergraduate and graduate students and involves writing a research paper within 24 hours in groups of up to four people, analysing a real business problem indicated by the organisers. Its aim is to broaden knowledge and skills in the application of quantitative methods, with particular emphasis on econometric methods.

The competition is organized by a team of researchers from the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Warsaw from the Department of Quantitative Finance and the Department of Statistics and Econometrics. The co-organizer of this year’s edition is the High Tech Foundation.

All graduate and undergraduate students of each and every academic institution (universities, economic universities, business schools, universities of technology, etc.) can participate in the contest provided the institution is located in a country in favour of adopting the United Nations General Assembly Resolution ES-11/4.

The goal of the contest is to prepare a scientific paper on the subject described by the organizers based on the supplied dataset (data can be extended by teams). All quantitative methods are allowed! The contest paper must be prepared by teams of max 4 students. We allow intercollegiate teams.

The subject is meant to be engaging and thought-provoking with more than one possible solution approach available. The ultimate goal of the contest is to promote academic career path and to demonstrate that science can be fun!

Participation is voluntary. Each participant can withdraw from the contest at any point informing the organizers and team members. The contest will take place remotely. It will start on Saturday, April 22nd, 2023 when participants will learn about the contest problem and supplied data description.

The registration closed on April 20th.


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